12 September 2017


It's strange.  Sometimes as an expatriate you live in a place for a while and only in the last couple of months prior to your departure you discover a great restaurant.  This was the case with Orna and Ella.  A real gem of a restaurant located in Shenkin Street with a loyal clientele.  It has such a wonderful atmosphere and best of all the food is delicious.  Here is a brief extract from their website: "Orna and Ella, is a contemporary yet time-honored culinary institution in Tel Aviv, existing since 1992. What started as a modest Cafe on Sheinkin Street, has become a highly regarded bistro with a versatile and unique menu. Orna and Ella's kitchen combines homemade food, along with gourmet cuisine." 


Address: 33 Shenkin, Tel Aviv | Tel: 035252085 and 0543265813

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