11 June 2017

Haverim Le'Refuah (Friends for Health) ~ חברים לרפואה

Have you ever wondered what to do with medicines which you no longer need?  In Israel, there is a non-profit organisation called, Haverim Le'Refuah (Friends for Health)  which has nationwide collection points and they encourage members of the public to bring their unused medicines to these drop-off points.  These are then sorted into two groups by pharmacists.  If they have expired, they are then sent away to be disposed of safely.  If on the other hand, they are still suitable for use then they are sent free of charge to sick people who are in financial distress who cannot afford to buy their own.  So next time, think before you are about to clear out your medicine cabinet and throw away unused medicines.  Flushing them down the toilet is not good for the environment and throwing them in the bin is irresponsible as it can get into the wrong hands.  If you are in Israel, by taking them to Haverim Le'Refuah (Friends for Health) you can have a clear conscience that you will be doing the right thing and not only that but other people may be able to benefit from your actions.  Similar initiatives will be in place in other countries so ask your local pharmacist for more information.



 4 Shmuel Hanavi St., Bnei Brak, POB 6782, Ramat-Gan 52167
 Telephone: +972-3-5792220
Fax: +972-3-5792223
Email: info@haverim.org.il
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