14 June 2017

Urban design in Tel Aviv ...

The public spaces in Tel Aviv especially the areas along the foreshore are so well designed and thought through thanks to Mayslits Kassif Architects http://www.mkarchitects.com/ not only are they functional but they are aesthetically pleasing. Have a look at the outdoor seating arrangements in the photograph above.  Moulded concrete seats are made to look like large white stone boulders and are placed randomly on a raised hardwood decking.  The oversized beige parasols offer much needed respite and shelter from the strong Tel Aviv sun. This vantage point affords an uninterrupted view of the Mediterranean Sea.

I took this photograph this morning and a woman was comfortably perched on a boulder totally engrossed in her book occasionally looking up and gazing at the superb, shimmering deep blue sea. 
   Mayslits Kassif Architects
 Address: 17-A Hagra Street, Tel Aviv
Telephone: +972-3-5440101
Email: mk@mkarchitects.com
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