9 June 2017

Pride in Tel Aviv

Tomorrow, 9th June is the official Pride Parade in Tel Aviv.  This is an annual event which celebrates diversity, acceptance and inclusion of people from every nationality, gender, ethnicity and race.  It is an opportunity for the city to embrace people from all over the world regardless of their sexual orientation.  Too often, society is quick to label people in order to neatly classify them into certain groups.  However, we do not live in a homogeneous society rather we live in a heterogeneous society.  

At the same time, it is important to acknowledge that the Pride Parade would be banned in some countries around the world.  I think it is a credit to Tel Aviv for hosting this event, demonstrating that it is a confident, tolerant, open-minded city willing to accept enthusiastically and wholeheartedly diversity in all its guises.

Over the years, a flag featuring the colours of the rainbow has come to symbolise the LGBT movement.  Just as the many different colours come together to form a rainbow, the inference is that many different people can also come together to form a cohesive, well integrated and unified group.

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