24 April 2017

Holocaust Memorial Day ~ יום השואה

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.  At ten o'clock this morning sirens sounded across Israel and there was a two minutes silence as a mark of respect as people remembered six million Jewish men, women and children who were killed during the Holocaust.  One does not have to be Jewish to comprehend the magnitude of this loss.  The six million Jews who were killed were persecuted for their religious beliefs.  We remember them today.  In Tel Aviv, as it was right across Israel the sounding of the sirens meant that life came to a halt as the traffic and the people stood still in solidarity and remembrance.

 Yad Vashem have made poignant videos of several Holocaust survivors recounting their personal experiences.  Here is a video recording of Elka Abramovitz.

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Elka Abramovitz

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