31 March 2017

A room with a view

It takes an ingenious mind to look at a lifeguard tower on the beach and think this will be a great venue for a pop-up boutique hotel.  Then again, this is Tel Aviv where anything is possible.  So the lifeguard tower on Frishman Beach has had a luxurious make-over and the Brown Hotels has transformed it into an up-market boutique hotel with a fabulous view.  On Friday, 24th March the promoters had a live band performing outside the lifeguard tower and it was possible to queue up and have a peek inside.  It has been tastefully furnished and had a "hip and cool" vibe.  Having said that, I couldn't help but think of the practicalities.  Are prospective guests expected to wheel their suitcases across the sandy beach?  Luckily the bedroom which accommodates two people and at a pinch three people was on the lower floor together with the bathroom and toilet.  There was a sitting room upstairs.  As well, the beach is a public space so when you are tucked up in bed at night and there is a rowdy beach party nearby it would be unrealistic to expect that people would keep the noise down just so that you could sleep. Still despite all this, I'm sure the type of people who would aspire to stay in this unique accommodation would be willing to overlook its short comings and have a great time anyway.

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