25 February 2017

Exhibition: Fake? זִיוּף ~ Sam and Ayala Zacks Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

On a bright and sunny Friday morning whilst some residents of this beautiful city where participating in the Tel Aviv Marathon, I was at my favourite haunt, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.  I saw a first-rate exhibition which was entitled, Fake? זִיוּף in the Sam and Ayala Zacks Pavilion which is located in the Main Building.  The exhibition was impressive, not only in the way this rather ambiguous subject-matter was handled but in the way it was executed.  There were some examples of  fake works of art adjacent to the genuine works of art, there were counterfeit bank notes and coins, forged documents, imitations of designer watches and handbags, replicas of statues, a piece of music, ceramics and pottery items, ivory,  forgeries of Roman glass, photographs and even a fake passport and car license plates.  

The exhibition provided a brief history and in certain cases it gave the visitors some background into these fake items. I felt the exhibition also tried its best to educate us, the visitors not only in helping us to try and distinguish between a fake or a genuine item but by giving us a moral conundrum, that perhaps in certain, specific cases fakes can be justified if, it can be demonstrated that it is for the purpose of the common good.  This was the case when Mossad agents forged documents in preparation for the abduction of Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires in 1960.  

This was an absolutely fascinating exhibition which will be on show until 22 April 2017.  The curator of this exhibition is Dr Doron J. Lurie.  If you can spare and hour or two I would strongly urge you to go and see it.  Here are some photographs from the exhibition:

Copy or fake? , After Piero della Francesca, Portrait of Federigo da Montefeltro, 1979, Oil on panel, Private collection, Tel Aviv

Vermeer or van Meegeren? - Supper at Emmaus

Forgery in the manner of Jacopo Tintoretto (Italian, Venetian, 1518 - 1594) Portrait of a Man, oil on canvas, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

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