21 February 2017

Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl

I bought this book whilst on holiday in Australia.  I always knew about its existence but I had never read it before so I thought now would be a good time to read it.  "Anne Frank was born on 12th June 1929.  She died while imprisoned at Bergen-Belsen, three months short of her sixteenth birthday." If Anne Frank had survived the concentration camps she would have been 88 years old.  A photograph of Anne as a young girl is on the cover of the book.  In a way it seems as if I am trespassing on her privacy by reading her diary (named Kitty) which is a deeply personal account of her thoughts, fears, emotions, hopes and aspirations.

"Since its publication in 1947, Anne Frank's diary has been read by tens of millions of people.  This Definitive Edition restores substantial material omitted from the original edition, giving us a deeper insight into Anne Frank's world."
Published by Penguin ISBN 978-0-141-18275-9 

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