31 January 2017

Street Library Australia

Take a book.  Give a book.  Whatever.  Enjoy!

A Street Library outside someone's house in South Melbourne, registered as number 139


Interesting to see that the Street Library initiative has also been embraced in Melbourne, Australia albeit on a smaller scale than the one in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Whilst the Street Library in Tel Aviv is organised and run by the Municipality of Tel Aviv - Yafo and is mobile (i.e. on wheels), its namesake in Melbourne is different in that it is static and relies on individuals who are encouraged to purchase a small, custom-made box via the Street Library Australia website and affix it to a wall or other prominent, easily accessible place outside their house.  They then put their second-hand books in it and register their library at the Street Library Australia website https://streetlibrary.org.au/register/ so that other people can locate it and also donate or borrow books.  As Nic Lowe, who founded the Street Library Australia explained in the short YouTube video clip that he based the concept on the original Street Library which he saw in a community garden in Portland, USA.  Lowe says, "it encourages the recycling of books and increases literacy in the community and sharing the things that we own and use everyday".  Lowe also provided the mind boggling statistic that "in the US there are currently 35,000 Street Libraries whereas in Australia there are only 50".   I think one way of improving the number of Street Libraries in Australia would be if people purchased these custom-made boxes from https://streetlibrary.org.au and gave these as birthday presents to friends and family so that they too could enjoy having a mini-library outside their house or apartment.  It would make a unique gift and what can be more worthy than giving someone the gift of reading?

"A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us." Franz Kafka

Happy reading!

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