15 December 2016

Thank you very much ~ תודה רבה

A website called Expat Focus brightened up my day today.  When I glanced at the Live Traffic Feed at the bottom of the page I noticed that a visitor from Cannock, St. Helens had visited my blog via http://www.expatfocus.com/c/aid=3676/articles/israel/israel---recommended-blogs/ . When I had a look at this website I noticed that they were focusing on Israel and had a list of Israel centric blogs which may be of use to fellow expats and tourists alike and my blog was amongst those featured.  Thank you very much ~ תודה רבה  I really appreciate the positive review.  Here is what Expat Focus  wrote about my blog: 

 Brightly Coloured Sunflowers 

This serial expat was introduced to life in another culture when her family moved to England when she was a child, and since then she has lived as an expat in various different countries before landing in Israel. Her life long expatriate experience is something that she regularly reflects on and is able to eloquently communicate in her blog. For anyone hoping to learn Hebrew, whatever age you are, you will find encouragement here as well as recommendations for the best places to test out your newfound knowledge.

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