30 October 2016

North Abraxas

Looking at North Abraxas restaurant from across the street.

View into the open plan kitchen.

The name of the restaurant North Abraxas (Tzfon Abraxassounds more like a geographical location on a map.  It is located in Lilienblum Street near the entrance to an apartment building and a men's barber shop.  Seating is available upstairs, around the bar and in a glass conservatory room attached to the front of the restaurant.  The menu caters for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.  The vibe is young, hip and cool ~ not the kind of vocabulary I would choose to define myself but then again we went there simply to have a meal.  The food was fresh, good and tasty albeit a little too salty and the service was attentive.  I suppose my only criticism was the fact that bizarrely most of the dishes ordered except for soup and salad arrive not on plates but on pieces of cardboard which makes it rather difficult to eat.  It must be economical for the restaurant not to have to invest in crockery.

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