22 August 2016

My favourite place in Tel Aviv ...

Last weekend my husband and I went to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art again, it is fast becoming my favourite place in Tel Aviv.  I cannot emphasise enough how good it is.  Apart from the permanent exhibition which is very impressive with a vast collection of Impressionist paintings, each month there are at least ten or more temporary exhibitions on show.  On this visit we saw a temporary exhibition by Maya Zack entitled, Counterlight which included intricate pencil drawings alongside black and white videos with seemingly curious albeit bizarre subject matter.  Still, I think it is good to see new exhibitions and to challenge oneself, it broadens the mind.

Black and White Rule, Taming, 2012

Items from the video Counterlight, 2016 by Maya Zack

Sewing the Bellows, 2013 Pencil on paper

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