16 August 2016

Food for the soul ...

 It is my belief that art broadens the mind and helps us to put life into perspective and so with that in mind we went to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art last Saturday 13th August to see new exhibitions and admire the works of art by the Grand Masters.  

There was an exhibition by Nir Evron entitled Masad.  It featured five films and videos.  One of Evron's works on show was La Solitude, 2016.  It was an interesting film based on historical events regarding the Dreyfus Affair from 1894.  I must admit my knowledge of this injustice in history was quite sketchy and I had to read up on it later to become better acquainted with the events which took place.  Evron's film was shot on location at Devil's Island (Île du Diable) in French Guiana where Dreyfuss spent nearly five years imprisoned for "allegedly communicating French military secrets to the German Embassy in Paris".  The island was a place where political prisoners from this period in history were exiled.  

The film was thought provoking on many levels not only did it shed light on a historical injustice from the late 1800's but it also showed the island as it is today, still an overseas department of France and since 1964 it has been used as a research station for Europe's Spaceport.  The juxtaposition of the extreme poverty and simple lives led by the indigenous people who live on the island in stark contrast to the high-tech, multi-million dollar Spaceport was a real eye opener.  Towards the end of the film a pianist can be seen playing Chopin's - Etude no. 3 in E major, Op. 10 no. 3, "Tristesse" it is a spellbinding, enchanting and captivating  piece of music.  I would urge people to see this film which is on show at the Mizne-Blumental Gallery, March Rich and Gabrielle Rich Wing until 24.10.2016.

* * *

Then there was a new acquisition of a work by the renowned artist Ai Weiwei, entitled Forever, 2003 which featured 42 bicycles all inter-connected in a circle.

* * *

Vincent Van Gogh, The Shepherdess (after Millet), 1889 ~ Moshe and Sara Mayer Collection

* * *

Leonid Pasternak, Portrait of Louis and Rosa Hoch ~ Bequest of Rudolph Hoch, through the British Friends of the Art Museums in Israel, 1979
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