5 April 2016

Matkot ~ (Hebrew: מטקות‎ lit. "racquets")

A pair of Matkot bats and a ball

In order to get into attitude on the beach and to look less like tourists/expatriates and blend in with the locals we have bought ourselves a pair of Matkot bats and a bag of four balls.  I have heard it said that Matkot is not just a leisurely sport you play at the beach to pass the time rather it is an Israeli obsession.  Having lived here for over a year, I can confirm this statement.  

For those of you who don't know, matkot is a game played between two people with wooden bats and a ball.  It can be played by people of all ages.  Playing the game improves one's hand-eye coordination and when played well it looks like it could be a good aerobic work out.  As well, if you play it whilst wearing a swimsuit and slathered in suntan lotion then it is also a good way of getting a suntan.

Matkot (Hebrew: מטקות‎ lit. "racquets") is a popular paddle ball game in Israel similar to beach tennis, often referred to as the country's national sport.The goal of the game is to hit a small rubber squash ball with a wooden racket as many times as possible without dropping it.

Matkot is a non-competitive beach game in which two or more players hit a small ball back and forth using paddles.The sport is named after the racquet, the matka; the origin of this word is unclear.  The racquets are traditionally made of wood, although sometimes the handles are reinforced with a plastic covering. Carbon fiber is also used. The head of a racquet may vary somewhat in size and shape. The heads are circular and about 30 centimetres (12 in) in diameter. The racquet handles are short, and with very little trunk between the handle and the racquet head.  The standard ball used is the same ball as is used in squash.  However, novice and intermediate players sometimes use a ball that is similar in size to a squash ball, but lighter and/or bouncier.  The game has developed a moderate level of popularity outside of Israel as a participatory sport, particularly where there is either a strong beach culture (e.g. Brazil, where it is also highly popular, but more commonly known as frescoball), or a significant number of Israelis living abroad (e.g. Thailand). 

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