4 April 2016

Dog walking in Tel Aviv

It appears that dog walking is big business in Tel Aviv.  It is not a sight that I was accustomed to so at first it took me by surprise when I saw a man or a woman walking with five or six dogs.  I thought to myself surely they don't all belong to the same person?  Then I realised that these people were professional dog walkers.  It seems like a win-win situation.  The dog owners are happy to pay for the service and the dogs appear to have a good time walking in a pack with other dogs.  The dog walker in the photograph kindly enlightened us about the service he provides.  He said he walks around to the owners houses and picks up the dogs one by one he then gives them a good work out often walking up to 10km a day and then drops the dogs back at their respective homes.  

Later we also learnt on the internet that some dog walkers often provide behaviour training, socialisation, off-lead training as well as providing dog sitting and doggy day-care.  When choosing a dog walker do find out if they are insured, have first-aid training for pets and come with references.  In this way you will be able to give man's best friend a good cardiovascular work out and a chance to have many happy dog days ahead.

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