20 December 2015

Watch this space ...

My sincere apologies to the readers of my blog.  I feel as if I have left you down.  My lack of regular blog posts is truly abysmal.  The truth is, that although I moved to another country in December 2014 which is so very different in every way from the country I left behind, due to a conflict of emotions so far I have felt verbally paralysed and unable to write any blog posts from our new posting.

I thought to myself, surely if I continue to remain objective and steer clear from writing anything on politics then I will be alright and I can maintain the integrity of my blog and not be seen to be taking sides.  So, in this vein I hope to start writing blog posts again in the New Year.  If I lose some of my regular readers along the way then so be it.  I know that you can't please everyone.  Having said that, I hope I will take the bulk of my readers with me on a new journey and explore my current new posting with you.  For there is much to write about from architecture to food, from a new language to  
new customs and subtle cultural differences.  As an expatriate, I feel it is worth recording my experiences and my vision in an objective, unbiased and non-judgemental way.  I have a voice and noteworthy things to say about our new posting.  For one whole year I have felt in conflict within myself to write anything but I feel I have now emerged from this self-imposed verbal hibernation a stronger person and able to carry on.

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