19 October 2015


In the Northern Hemisphere, autumn is synonymous with pomegranates and we particularly look forward to this time of the year.  The ruby red colour of the fruit, the jewel like seeds and crown shaped sepals not to mention the delicious juice which has enormous health benefits all go to make up this visually spectacular fruit.

Pomegranate fruit next to a bowl of pomegranate seeds

Freshly made pomegranate juice next to pomegranates

For your information, here is a short list of recipes from the BBC Food website which contain pomegranates:

Spelt, smoked salmon and spinach tart

Leafy salad with feta and pomegranate

Lemon and pomegranate couscous
Anatra con melagrana (duck with pomegranate) and sauteed escarole

Orange cake with pomegranate ice cream, caramelised oranges and orange and pomegranate syrup 

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