19 October 2015

Feral Future by Tim Low

To follow on from my previous blog post concerning invasive species which have been inadvertently introduced into Australia, this excellent easily accessible book devoid of technical jargon manages to inform and explain in detail the subject matter to anyone who wishes to find out more.

Here is an extract from the back jacket of the book, "Exotic species are invading Australia at a spectacular rate.  Everyone knows about cane toads, rabbits and, more recently, fire ants, but few people have heard of the hundreds of other invaders now infiltrating the country, such as giant seaworms, brown widow spiders and green crabs.

In this groundbreaking, highly acclaimed book, biologist Tim Low charts the story of the biological invasion of Australia.  Tapping a rich vein of  scientific data, fascinating stories and personal experience, he argues convincingly that bio-invasion poses a threat more ominous than greenhouse gases, industrial pollution and ozone depletion.

Feral Future is a window on a tomorrow beyond imagination."

ISBN 0-14-029825-8

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