21 August 2015

Café des Nattes

In December last year, our 12 year posting in Tunisia came to an end.  Although I am no longer living there as an expatriate I wanted to write a couple of more blog posts about places of interest in Tunis that I did not get a chance to write about before I left and I will then shift my focus on to our new posting. 

There are some fabulous cafés in Tunis. 
Café des Nattes is a fine example, it is located in the picturesque suburb of Sidi Bou Said.  Steep and well worn steps lead up to Café des Nattes and a beautiful welcoming arched doorway entices people inside.  It's authentic interior is particularly cosy and intimate.  Several large columns painted in dark green, red and white stripes are particularly eye-catching.  It's definitely worth a visit just to imbibe the ambiance.  I used to come here to have a glass of mint tea and either enjoy the company of friends or else to relax with a good book.  If you like observing people going about their daily lives then you will enjoy sitting on the balcony which overlooks a small village square.  If you appreciate architecture and interior design then you may prefer to sit inside on colourful hand-woven mats made of palm leaves.  As well as mint tea and depending on availability they sometimes serve freshly squeezed orange juice and at other times they have lemonade as well as soft drinks.  There is a glass display cabinet opposite the alcove of the open plan kitchen which houses a delectable array of Tunisian pastries.

Café des Nattes
Rue Sidi Bou Fares, Sidi Bou Said 2026, Tunisia

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