7 November 2014

La Caleche Cafétéria et Pâtisserie

La Calèche is the French word for a horse-drawn carriage.  
It is also the name of a quaint little Café et Pâtisserie which was established in 1980 and in my opinion has the best ambiance and the most delicious cakes in the whole of Tunis.  

Unlike many other cake/pastry shops all of the cakes are freshly made on the premises.  Everyday there are at least 17 different kinds of cakes to choose from.  It is possible to buy a slice or I suppose you could also buy an entire cake although I'm not sure about that as I have only ever bought slices of cakes from there.  

They use Segafredo Zanetti coffee and you can buy a café express - espresso coffee or café crème - coffee with cream and café au lait - coffee with milk.  They also serve freshly made citronnade - lemonade and jus d'orange fraîchement pressé - freshly squeezed orange juice as well as other kinds of coffee such as macchiato, cappuccino and chocolat chaud - hot chocolate and herbal teas.

At La Calèche one can also buy delicious healthy lunch-time snacks such as salads, quiches and salad rolls with cheese and/or tuna and a myriad of other simple and quick dishes either to eat there standing up or to take-away.  

It is a popular and well known haunt of the nearby office workers and although it is busy throughout the day it becomes particularly congested in the mornings and at lunch times.

 Next time you are in Avenue de la Liberté drop in for a coffee and a slice of cake and you will soon become a regular at this great little Café et Pâtisserie.

Bon appétit!

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