3 August 2014

These are a few of my favourite things ...

When Julie Andrews sang, "My Favourite Things" in The Sound of Music she was not referring to wrought iron railings/fer forgé, exterior wooden window shutters and Tunisian tiles!  Then again, these are a few of my own favourite things. So, I was particularly pleased when I took part in the guided tour around Tunis a couple of months ago to appreciate its architecture that I was able to take photographs showing different examples of wrought iron railings/fer forgé, exterior wooden window shutters and Tunisian tiles so that I can share them with you here on my blog. 

Here is a YouTube video clip from the film The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews 
singing "My Favourite Things".

I really like the blue wooden shutters in this photograph together with the beautiful floral plaster work on either side it is so effective and so pleasant to look at.

This apartment had a banister with wrought iron/fer forgé in the form of peacocks.  It is quite difficult to make out the form of the peacocks you have to look very, very carefully.  Until you can finally pick put the peacock shape the black wrought iron/fer forgé can almost seem like the renowned ink blot test otherwise known as Rorschach Test used by professionals for psychological evaluation!

This sequence of tiles were just inside an apartment block in the hallway.  It is so common to see tiles being used in this way in Tunisia.

Great wrought iron/fer forgé on the window it also acts as a deterrent to would be burglars.  It looks good with the blue wooden shutters.

Another example of tiles in the entrance hall of an apartment building.

This wrought iron/fer forgé work was part of a gate and I thought it must look very aesthetically pleasing when both sides of the gate are closed and the unusual circular pattern forms a full circle.

Here you can just see some attractive tiles on the side of an apartment building. 

Lovely pale blue wooden shutters together with rather old and worn out looking wrought iron/fer forgé railings on the balcony.

Here the wrought iron/fer forgé railings on the balcony caught my eye as well as the elegant architecture of the balcony above.

More details from the exterior of an apartment building with pretty plaster work and the chevron pattern around the window at the top as well as a little balcony with another example of wrought iron/fer forgé railings.

Floral rather bright tiles from the entrance hall of an apartment.  The pattern on the tiles the circle with the swirling dividing line reminded me of the yin and yang pattern one sees throughout Asia.  Although the yin and yang are usually black and white contrasting colours in a circle to represent the notion that opposites attract.

More beautiful wrought iron/fer forgé railings, pale blue shutters and gorgeous architectural details can be seen on the balcony above.  I particularly liked the washing hanging on the line from the balcony above.  It really adds to this photograph and gives it a certain sense of je ne sais quoi that is French for "I don't know what", in my view the washing really enhances this photograph.  It demonstrates that people live in these buildings and get on with their everyday lives.
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