11 December 2013

The Warrior's Honor by Michael Ignatieff

This book was first published in 1998 by Chatto & Windus and this issue by Vintage was published in 1999.  Even though this book was published fifteen years ago, it still continues to provide the reader with insights into the complexity of ethnic wars around the world.  Michael Ignatieff writes with a profound intensity and enormous insight drawing on his personal accounts as a journalist. 

Like many other books on Current Affairs it warrants re-reading because the information within it is not just pertinent to a particular time when it was written but is equally applicable to the conflicts which are in the news today. 

"The Warrior's Honor is based on a series of essays and articles written as Ignatieff travelled around some of the battlefields of modern ethnic war.  They pose questions everyone involved in human rights and humanitarian work constantly ask themselves.  Why has the world apparently become so chaotic and dangerous?  What makes some people want to intervene in the misery of others?... Elegantly and persuasively written...  Important and extremely readable."  (a review by Caroline Moorhead, Independent).

ISBN 0-09-957741-0

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