25 September 2013

Mission Mexico (Misión México) - Giving Love, Life and Hope

 Mission Mexico (Misión México) is a children's refuge founded by Alan and Pamela Skuse.  I first heard about their work last month when I read a BBC News article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23514525.  I was so impressed and emotionally affected by what I read that I made contact with the Misión México children's charity and said that I would like to publicise their work on my blog under the blog label of raising awareness of a charity. 

The following copyright protected information has been provided courtesy of
Misión México for the purpose of this blog post.

Misión México Children's Refuge

In November 2000, Alan and Pamela Skuse left their home on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, to volunteer at an orphanage in Tapachula for twelve months. The organisation they were assisting closed down after six months, leaving the Skuses with a life changing decision. To return to Australia, or take on the overwhelming challenge of caring for the remaining seven children full time.

The thought of leaving the kids, who would go back to the streets, and lives of abuse, was not an option. So despite the lack of resources and support, Pam and Alan decided to take on the huge responsibility of establishing their own refuge.
’Albergue, Misión México, Dando Amor, Vida y Esperanza’ (Refuge, Mission Mexico, Giving Love, Life and Hope) was formed, with the dream of creating a family environment, rather than an institution.

Copyright protected image courtesy of  Misión México.

Somewhere Near Tapachula Teaser Trailer

"We have fifty children that we are caring for.  Each of those children have suffered greatly beyond what you can imagine.  Some of the children have been abandoned, some have been orphaned, some have been beaten and abused, raped. Some have been addicted to drugs at the young age of nine and ten.  All the children have been affected in some way by some abuse.  They come and they've had these difficult lives and even though when they're in the refuge they're finding love, they're finding their place in life they still have the memories of their past that sometimes haunt them.  It's hard for them to leave at all but when we go to the beach they find it's a place of escape where they do find that freedom.  They're escaping from their past they don't think about any of that on that day, it's a release.  The smile on their faces, it's just incredible.  Each of these children deserves to have a chance at a new life, a chance to dream for themselves.  We hope that at Mission Mexico we can do that, that this family is there to support, to encourage, to discipline, to guide, to change the direction of their lives."  This is a written narrative of the words spoken by Pamela Skuse in the YouTube video clip entitled, "Somewhere Near Tapachula".

How to donate to Misión México?
We owe our existence to the generosity of our supporters. We are a small but significant charity and we can promise you that your donation has a huge impact and truly helps change children's lives
Muchas Gracias for your contribution.
Funds donated are used only for the running costs of the refuge, ´Misión México, Dando Amor, Vida y Esperanza.´AC; this covers everything from food and health to electricity and car maintenance, household items and house maintenance to shoes and clothing.
Whether you choose to donate monthly or donate as a gift for a loved one's special occasion, making a donation is easy, no matter where in the world you are!
Donate from Australia 
Donate from USA 
Donate from the UK
Donate from Countries Not Listed Above 
Donate goods

contact: info@lovelifehope.com

Misión México is a registered charity in Mexico AMM040930797 and UK SC042838

Mission Mexico (Australia) Inc. is an association incorporated in the
Australian Capital Territory whose purpose is to support the Mexican refuge through fundraising ABN 83 108 428 423.

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