22 May 2013

We're jammin' ...

I realise that when Bob Marley sang We're jammin'  he was not singing about making jam rather he was referring to the slang term of the word which means a group of people coming together to make  music.  Despite that, it amuses me to pretend that he was actually singing about making jam which is why I always listen to this song when I make jam.
May is the time of the year when strawberries are in abundance and at their peak which is why I decided to make an annual batch of strawberry jam.  I wish as well as the photographs I could share with you the wonderful aromas associated with jam making.  The kitchen and indeed the whole house smells divine - it is a wholesome scent which rewards the nostrils of the person standing over a hot stove watching and testing the consistency of the jam to see if it is ready.  





 If you have been inspired by this blog post to make your own jam here is the recipe:

"I hope you like jammin', too".

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