5 February 2013

Mutaz Runs for TfS - Please Support Him

A Sudanese national Mutaz Bakhiet who is currently living in the United Arab Emirates will be running a half-marathon on the 15th February 2013 to raise money and awareness for Together for Sudan. 

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Together for Sudan is a Registered UK Charity No. 1075852
Thanks Mutaz you are a TfS hero
Very kindly a TfS supporter has decided to raise funds directly to support our work. Find out how and why in his own words.
My name is Mutaz Bakhiet and I will be running in the RAK (Ras al-Khaimah) Half Marathon on February 15th to raise money for Together for Sudan. I was attracted to Together for Sudan because of their commitment to empower women and children in impoverished and marginalized communities through education and awareness, without religious or ethnic boundaries. I feel that education is the most powerful tool that can be used to escape poverty and bring sustainable change to these people’s lives. Women are the backbone of every society, and especially in Sudan where they are the rock that holds a family and household together. I would like to just play a small part in supporting Together for Sudan help empower these women through education, awareness, peace building, and community service.
I come from Gadaref in east Sudan, but have been living in the UAE for the past five years. For me though, Sudan will always be home and I hope one day the political and economic situation will allow me to go back and live there. I do make regular visits to see family and friends, and always keep an eye on the events happening there.
I’m as proud a Sudanese as you’ll find. I’ve always felt a sense of obligation to help my people in any way I can. People in Sudan are known for their generosity and kindness and don’t deserve the suffering that they go through. My goal is to run this race to help raise money and awareness for the excellent work Together for Sudan is doing, and to contribute to uplifting the people of my home country.
Please join me in supporting this cause. Any support, donations, publicity etc. are greatly appreciated, and will make a huge difference to people with very little.
To make a donation or for more information visit:

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