5 December 2012

It's artichoke season again ...

Home-made stuffed artichokes

With the onset of winter in the Northern Hemisphere fresh artichokes have come into season once again and for me this is an excellent reminder to make home-made stuffed artichokes.  I have already written a detailed blog post about how to make this dish http://brightlycolouredsunflowers.blogspot.com/2011/03/stuffed-artichokes.html which is one of the recipes in my repertoire given to me by my mother.  It is a delicious vegetable dish and suitable for anyone who has a strong penchant for artichokes however, a word of warning to people with nut allergies, there are ground pine nuts in the stuffing mixture of the original recipe but these can be omitted if you are allergic to nuts.
This recipe would definitely fall under the title of "slow food" as opposed to "fast food" as it is very time consuming to prepare.  You have to clean the fresh artichokes and put the hearts straight into a large bowl full of water, two lemons cut in half and the juice partially squeezed out of them and about two tablespoons of ordinary table salt.  This mixture prevents the artichoke hearts from oxidising and going brown.  I always tend to begin this recipe by preparing the artichokes first and letting them soak in this lemony, briny solution and then I go on to chopping and preparing the ingredients for the stuffing mixture which needs to be pre-cooked for about 15 mins.

Fresh artichoke hearts prepared and ready for stuffing.

The cooked stuffing mixture cooling down prior to stuffing inside the artichoke hearts.

The artichoke hearts stuffed with the cooked mixture.

Side-view of the stuffed artichoke hearts prior to cooking.

The uncooked stuffed artichokes arranged in a large frying pan prior to cooking.
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