29 June 2012

United Nations Volunteers Online

I was feeling restless.  I wanted to put my Honours degree in Social Sciences to good use even though I knew that being an expatriate meant that I was not allowed to work here in Tunisia.  I thought there must be something worthwhile I could do with my time.  After much research on the internet, I came across the website of United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Online.  This is a great scheme which enlists the help of qualified people around the world and through an opportunity search within the website allows them to match their skills with the requirements of an NGO all from the comfort of their own homes.  Once you apply to become a UNV Online, all you need is a good internet connection, a Skype address and a willingness to give your time voluntarily to good causes worldwide. 

Such an opportunity would give a purpose to the lives of many people, from the spouses of expatriates who like me have a good, strong qualification but find that living in a foreign country means that they cannot work.  To retired people, who have had a lifetime of work but now perhaps they want to give back to the community and use their skills and experience to participate in a broad range of projects.  To people who have perhaps been made redundant in the current economic climate, they could fill in their time by working on short term projects and bolstering their CV's which will show a future employer that they used their time wisely whilst they were out of work.  

Whatever your reasons for wanting to do voluntary work, I urge you to check out the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Online website.
 http://www.onlinevolunteering.org/en/vol/ in English
http://www.onlinevolunteering.org/fr/vol/  in French
http://www.onlinevolunteering.org/es/vol/  in Spanish

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