9 May 2012

Strawberry Jam

Strawberries are in season and in plentiful supply so I decided to make some strawberry jam as it keeps well for several months and is delicious slathered on sponge cakes.

This is a recipe from B. Sutherland Smith which I have had to modify slightly.  In her recipe she cooks  strawberries and raspberries separately and then mixes it together as she says that the raspberry brings out the colour and the flavour of the strawberry.  We very rarely have raspberries here in Tunis.


1kg fresh strawberries
950g sugar
6 thin strips of orange peel
juice of 1 lemon
2 tablespoons of Grand Marnier

"Place the sugar on a baking tray and put in the oven to warm for about 10 minutes.


Hull the strawberries and place them in a heavy-based saucepan with the orange peel.


Cook the strawberries over a low heat until the juices begin to run, then add the sugar and the lemon juice.

Cook for about 10 minutes.  To test the jam, place a small amount on a cold saucer.  A skin forms when it is cooked.  The timing of the jam depends very much on the berries, sometimes they have much more juice than other times and you will have to boil a little longer to reduce the liquid.

When ready leave to cool for about 5 minutes.  Add the Grand Marnier and bottle in warm, sterilised jars.  Seal when cold.

Quantity:  Makes about 4 cups.
Storing and using:  Store in glass jars covered with screw-on lids, paraffin or cellophane.  It keeps well for 9 months.
Presentation:  Make up a 'breakfast basket' by lining a shallow basket with fabric and filling it with a jar of this jam, some fresh croissants and a packet of English Breakfast Tea - a wonderful start to a birthday or Mothers Day."

My strawberry jam took much longer than 10 minutes to cook and reduce down more like an hour to an hour and a half. 

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