27 February 2012

Karuna Society for Animals and Nature

I would like to introduce the Karuna Society for Animals and Nature.  It is my aim to use my blog to inform and enlighten the international virtual audience from 154 countries around the world about organisations with a social conscience.   I have obtained prior permission from Mrs Romula D'Silva who is the Vice-President of the Karuna Society for Animals and Nature to use copyright protected text and photographs from the Karuna Society website for the purpose of this blog post.

Karuna Society for Animals and Nature has been established in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, South India since 2000. It is a registered non-profit organization working for animal welfare and the environment by providing free medical care and shelter for sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals, while sustaining all food production with organic farming and alternative fuels. "Karuna", in Sanskrit, means compassion,which is the motivating force behind all our activities.
History: For full details click on http://www.karunasociety.org/about/history

Copyright protected photograph courtesy of the Karuna Society.

Since its inception, Karuna Society has grown from a relatively small, rescue and care operation, of small animals to include the care of large animals and wildlife. In addition, Karuna has taken on a number of projects to better our environment and create alternative energy.

In the past eleven years, Karuna has expanded to include the following projects and operations:

·        An ongoing Clinic and Shelter for small animals.

·        A separate Operation theatre for ABC (Animal Birth Control) large enough to cover the entire southern part of the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.

·        A Hospital and Operation theatre for large animals

·        A Shelter for Rescued Cattle

·        A Wildlife Rescue Center that encompasses over 5 acres

·        An Organic Farm and Spirulina production facility

·        A Biogas creation and utilization project

One of the projects we have been working on we term the“plastic cow project” aimed at alleviating the tremendous suffering of “street cattle” which consume large quantities of plastic and other waste material.  We hope to spread awareness of this problem throughout India and are part of a national team that has created a documentary film exposing the hazards of plastic bags to humans, animals and the environment.

In addition to these projects, Karuna is also involved with an education project that teaches humane principles in local schools.  Additionally, Karuna currently provides employment to thirty local villagers, which greatly helps the local economy.


  • To provide free medical care and shelter to relieve the suffering of animals.
  • To restore the rights of animals and nature as equal inhabitants of this planet and treat them as such.
  • The promotion of a vegetarian lifestyle and ecological growing of crops and plants etc., and the ecological treatment of nature in general.
  • To help implement Indian law regarding cruelty and abuse of animals and nature, e.g illegal transport and slaughter of cattle, animal sacrifice, poaching and the destruction of forests.
  • To encourage farming and industrial activity, which is eco and animal friendly.
  • To discourage production of animals for milk, meat and leather and to actively dedicate ourselves towards making a positive change.
  • Informing others about the health aspects of holistic animal welfare.
  • To restore the Oneness of all Life in the Universe
  • Campaigning against the use of animals in sports, zoos, hunting, animal experimentation, genetic engineering and other practices where animals are subjected to enormous suffering.  

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