6 December 2011

Whitey the fishmonger's cat

Meet Whitey.  She must the luckiest stray/feral cat in Tunisia.  She waits patiently outside the fishmonger's shop and feeds on fish guts and if there has been a big catch she occasionally gets a whole sardine to chew on.  Considering she is a stray and she lives out in the streets she is remarkably well-fed and her coat is as white as snow.  The fishmonger's keep an eye out for her and she even has her own water bowl inside the shop.  She has many suitors, twice a year a gang of Tom cat's queue up to get her attention,  they appear to know that her offspring will be healthy, well-fed and looked after.  Other female cats appear to be jealous of her status.

Addendum:  It occurred to me to write an addendum to this blog post.  In case some of you are wondering why doesn't Bronte get Whitey neutered instead of remarking on her steady flow of male cat suitors which queue up twice a year to vie for her attention, my response is this.  Over the course of nine years I have had several stray/feral cats neutered.  The onus cannot be just on me to do something about Whitey although I have been thinking lately that perhaps I will also have her neutered.  If every person living in Tunisia with modest means could take a couple of the stray/feral cats and dogs for that matter living in their neighbourhood to be neutered that would make an enormous difference to the already alarming stray/feral, cat/dog population.  Between 2005 and 2008, I, together with a group of like minded Tunisians and expatriates which consisted of about a total of 25 people attempted to set up an animal welfare charity here in Tunis but our application to register as a bona-fide animal welfare charity was blocked at ministerial level.  As well, over the past nine years, I have had to have so many preventitive rabies injections following scratches from stray/feral cats and my doctor has told me that this is not good for my health.  Hence the reason why I have had to take a back seat with regards to getting personally involved and have taken up the role of observer which explains the mentality and the logic behind this blog post about Whitey.  It is only through highlighting the problem of the stray/feral cat and dog population in Tunisia that something may be done about it.
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