21 October 2011

Cylindrical glazed brick tiles

In Tunisia, it is possible to see specific types of cylindrical glazed brick tiles which are solely used for decorative purposes on exterior walls of the house or the garden above windows and doors or just on their own.  These tiles can be seen stacked on top of eachother and set in concrete.  I do not claim to be an expert on tiles but I can say that I have never seen tiles like these anywhere else in the world.  They appear to be peculiarly unique to Tunisia.

Here are some pale blue cylindrical tiles above a small window with wrought iron railings/fer forgé.

Here the dark green cylindrical tiles can be seen above a gate.

This is a close-up of navy blue cylindrical tiles so that you can get an appreciation of their shape and form.

In this photograph, it is possible to see the cylindrical glazed tiles used in the same way as roof tiles to decorate the top part of a wooden mashrabiya window enclosure.

In this photograph the brown coloured cylindrical tiles add a touch of colour to the ornate stuccowork.

Here the pale blue cylindrical tiles are used on their own outlining the outer edge of a building.

This photograph shows the cylindrical pale blue tiles being used once again above a window.
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