30 October 2011

Botargo - Caviar of the Mediterranean

A seasonal delicacy which can often be found in fishmonger's is preserved/cured mullet eggs otherwise known as "Batarekh بطارخ ".  The mullet eggs are kept whole in their egg sacks and are washed, salted, pressed and sealed in beeswax.  It is said to be an acquired taste nutty and slightly bitter.  Having said that, fine connoisseurs of food have also named it the caviar of the Mediterranean.

"It is usually used sliced thinly or grated.  In Italy, it is best known in Sicilian and Sardinian cuisine; its culinary properties can be compared to those of dry anchovies, though it is much more expensive. Bottarga is often served with lemon juice as an appetizer or used in pasta dishes. In Lebanon it is served sliced, where each slice is covered with a piece of raw garlic and the whole is immersed in olive oil then eaten with flat bread."

Here is a related link to a Wikipedia website about Botargo:

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