3 September 2011

Cast off

 I am aware that "cast off" or "casting off" is a knitting terminology, but in this case, I am using it literally to say that the cast on my left foot is now off or in otherwords it has been removed.  It is still painful for me to walk as my foot is swollen and I am not able to put too much weight on my foot.   At the time, the doctor had said that in theory, it would take a further two weeks before I would be able to walk normally again and if for any reason I was unable to walk normally then I would need to make another appointment to see him.    I was under the misguided impression that once the cast had been removed I would be able to walk, run and do cartwheels but apparently not so.

(This brief blog post is written for the purposes of recording the continued saga of my left foot and is solely to inform my family and close friends.  My apologies to everyone else who has to read it as it cannot be very riveting for you).

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