9 July 2011

Tunisian postage stamps

I had previously written a blog post on the subject of Tunisian postage stamps on 5th October 2010 so, this is a continuation from that blog post. 

If we think about it, in this day and age of advanced technology the humble postage stamp has not changed very much.  It is still made up of a number of fixed components such as shape, image, perforations, denomination and country name.  These are all the details which have always been displayed on stamps.  Perhaps now, technology assists in the way stamps are produced and the image on the stamps are probably printed using scanners and laser technology but apart from that not a great deal appears to have changed. 

As a child growing up in Turkey in the 70's, I was encouraged by my father to collect stamps and was given all the necessary paraphernalia and encouragement to begin my new hobby.  I recall that I took to stamp collecting with great relish, diligence and assiduousness.  I appreciated the individual beauty of each and every stamp in my collection. 

Whereas these days, I may be wrong, but I somehow get the impression that children are not encouraged to collect stamps.  It may seem boring and perhaps "square" by this I mean the definition of square which implies that a person is rigidly conventional and old fashioned.  However, in the 70's, it was perfectly normal for a young child of 8 or 9 to have a stamp collection.  I had a very happy childhood and in retrospect I am glad that I was encouraged to have a stamp collection.  Amongst many things, it taught me great discipline, to take pride in my work and to appreciate small things.

Here are some more beautiful Tunisian postal stamps for your perusal.

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