10 June 2011

Tunisian birdcages

Tunisians like to keep birds.  If you visit Tunisia, you will see these ornate handcrafted bird cages.  The cages are made from wire and the sides and the base are made from wood and they are usually painted blue and white like the village of Sidi Bou Said.  The top part of the bird cage is like a dome and the bottom part resembles the windows you see around Sidi Bou Said.  The actual wire pattern is an exact replica of the distinct wrought iron railings/fer forgé work which you see covering the windows.  It looks like interlocking hearts and is most attractive. 

Sometimes you will see empty birdcages hanging from the ceiling.  This does not mean that the bird within the cage has escaped.  Some people appreciate the beauty of the birdcage and do not wish to keep birds.

I have also seen larger birdcages used in the receptions of hotels as a post box for letters and postcards.

Figure 1:  Here is a photograph I took of a small birdcage hanging up in a garden in Sidi Bou Said.

Figure 2:  Here is a larger birdcage on the ground in a patio which is used for decoration.
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