15 June 2011

Thank you

Wow! The month of June is certainly turning out to be full of many milestones. First, we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on 6 June, secondly, we celebrated my blog's first birthday on 14 June and thirdly, it looks like tonight we will be celebrating going through the barrier of ten thousand total page views on my blog. At the time of writing this blog post the total page view counter was already on 10017.

Thank you very much.  It means so much to me to know that the blog posts I'm writing from my study in Tunisia are being read. The visitor’s flag counter at the bottom of the page informs me that I have so far collected 113 different flags from countries around the world.  Please accept my sincere gratitude.  I am astounded and most humbled.

I had been uncertain about starting a blog. I had already started one once before and got a severe case of writer's block and deleted the posts that I had written. This time, I thought I would approach blog writing differently as if I was writing an on-line diary.  I decided that I would write about subjects which not only interested me but which also had broader appeal to a wider group of people.  What started off as a tentative part-time venture into blogging is fast becoming a hobby which I am passionate about. You will have noticed that on the whole, my blog is impersonal. I write some blog posts about myself but these are rare and tend to be very general.  I am very keen not to be the subject matter of my blog. I would much rather write about my experiences and adventures in Tunisia.

I hope you will continue to visit my blog and read about my life as an expatriate here in Tunisia and my endeavour to extol the very best that Tunisia has to offer.

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