19 April 2011

Tunisian tiles

This blog post follows on from previous posts about the different uses of tiles in Tunisia.  Here tiles can be seen as decorative objects which accentuate and define particular architectural features by adding emphasis and colour. 

 Figure 1:  Here tiles are used as a border surrounding a wooden door.

 Figure 2:  This photograph gives a better idea, notice how the wall facing the street is plain and beige coloured whereas the colourful geometric pattern of the tiles around the door frame are used to good effect and serve to accentuate the front door which opens straight out onto the street.

 Figure 3:  Here tiles are used above the window of a villa in Carthage.

 Figure 4: 

 Figure 5:

 Figure 6:  When we zoom in and take a closer look we can see how effective the tiles are and how they add a certain refinement, finesse and skillful artisanship.

 Figure 7:  Here are more tiles adding accent to a window feature.

 Figure 8: 

 Figure 9:

 Figure 10:

 Figure 11:  Here a selection of colourful tiles are used on the steps of a pâtisserie (pastry and cake shop) in Carthage.

Figure 12: 

 Figure 13:  A single tile with two fishes adorns the wall of a villa in Carthage.
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