28 April 2011

Pâtisserie Tunisienne - Tunisian pastries

I bought some pastries which are renowned Tunisian specialities from the region of Sfax.  They had been hand-made and baked today.  These little gems of fresh pastries had all been made with natural ingredients such as almonds, pistachios, pine nuts, orange flower water mixed with flour and sugar.  They were not only tasty but a feast for the eyes, delightful and delicate these pastries resembled little jewels.  I bought small amounts of five different sorts of pastries for a tasting and promised the helpful proprietor that I would be back soon to try more of them.  She very kindly let me photograph them and waited patiently whilst I wrote down the names of the individual pastries.

Figure 1:  M'Hancha Amandes

Figure 2:  Boulette Haroun with pine nuts and pistachios

Figure 3:  Mlabes

Figure 4:  Kaak Ambar Noisettes 

Figure 5:  Kaak Al Warka

The website of this pastry shop is http://www.delicesharoun.com/

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