19 March 2011

A piece of public artwork by an artist called Gorgi

 This is a delicate piece of public artwork which is on display on the wall of a building near the post office in Place Pasteur in Tunis.  It appears to be made from black wire.  I tried to find out some information about the artist or why it was commissioned but so far I have not been able to make any progress on that although I will certainly add any information I eventually manage to find.  The artwork consists of animals such as birds, a zebra, a horse, a fish, a gazelle (which incidentally is also the emblem used for Tunis Air) and some foliage and other recognisable plants such as Barbary figs.  The animals are exuberant and the artwork is simple and yet effective.  The name of the artist is displayed on the bottom right hand corner as "Gorgi".  It's origins remain a mystery to me but I wanted to do a blog post about it as I really like it.


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