21 February 2011

A selection of holiday photographs

It is challenging to write a blog under a pseudonym.  I have chosen to do this for several reasons.  When I first started my blog in June 2010, I decided that it would be prudent for me to write under a pseudonym in order to protect my identity and the identity of my family at a time when under the previous government freedom of speech in Tunisia did not exist.  Now, although a Jasmine Revolution has taken place and there is greater freedom of speech, I still think it is prudent for me to maintain my anonymity as the revolution is in its infancy and the general elections have yet to take place. 

Also, as an expatriate living here, I wanted to demonstrate some sensitivity towards the country in which I am living in and instead of writing anything which may be viewed as critical, I only wanted to concentrate on all that was great about this country. 

That said, I wanted to share some of my holiday photographs with you on my blog.  Instead of saying which country I went to which I feel may inadvertently jeopardise my identity, I have decided to post a selection of photographs and leave it up to you, the reader to guess where I have been. 

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