19 February 2011

An integrated drying rack for dishes in a kitchen cupboard

The small self-contained serviced apartments on the outskirts of Rome were we stayed for almost three weeks whilst waiting for the security situation to improve in Tunisia had a strange feature which I had never seen before.  Above the sink in the kitchenette, there was a kitchen cupboard with a drying rack for dishes  built into an integrated shelf so that the newly washed wet cutlery and crockery could drip dry on to a metal tray just above the kitchen sink and this tray could be pulled out and emptied.  It was definitely a space saving feature for the kitchenette in an apartment where the cooking area was only slightly larger than what one might find in the gully of a boat.  However, I must say, that it worked beautifully.  Everything was bone dry and could be put away without having the need to wipe it dry with a tea towel. 

Figure 1:  The drying rack for dishes integrated into a kitchen cupboard at our apartment.

Despite the small kitchenette, we were very comfortably accommodated and cooked some excellent meals. It made me think that size is a relative concept.  As the English proverb says, "Where there's a will, there's a way."  When we have the determination to do something, it can be easily achieved. 
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