20 February 2011

Disposable plastic gloves provided in supermarkets in Rome

Going to the supermarket in a foreign country is always interesting.  One thing I observed and I was very puzzled about in Rome was that the shoppers would not touch the fruit and vegetables with their bare hands but instead put on a pair of disposable plastic gloves.  Why on earth do they do that I wondered to myself?  I had not come across this practise in any other country and I have been to and I have lived in many countries around the world.  I saw this bizarre practise at every supermarket I went to, near the rolls of plastic bags to put the fresh produce in were a box of disposable gloves and a rubbish bin to put the gloves in once they had been used.  I thought to myself that the supermarkets must go through so many boxes of these disposable gloves a day. 

Figure 1:  A pair of disposable gloves from an Italian supermarket in Rome.

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