13 August 2017

Street art in Tel Aviv

One could say that the term street art is just a glorified name for graffiti and perhaps that is the case but then again we are all entitled to our own opinions.  I wanted to do a blog post about this subject as there is a lot of street art here in Tel Aviv and some of it is rather good.  A few of the examples of graffiti/street art is of a political nature and I will not include these here.  It may be said that Banksy the anonymous England based graffiti artist, political activist has had a huge impact and elevated this rather dubious art form into dizzying heights.  To this effect, this form of graffiti/street art appears to have become more widely acceptable.

Photograph taken in a street in Neve Tzedek in December 2014.

Photograph taken in Frishman Street in June 2017.

Photograph taken in Ahad Ha'Am Street in June 2017.

Photograph taken at the corner of Sderot Chen and Frishman Street in May 2017.

Photograph taken in Bograshov Street in July 2016.
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