26 July 2017

Hebrew with pleasure by Edna Kadman

This is an excellent book which will assist the diligent student in their endeavour to try to learn the Hebrew language.  Like the title suggests, it makes learning Hebrew pleasurable and it is possible to work through the book at your own pace "without a teacher's help!".  This is not to undermine the fantastic work that language teacher's do but if for any reason you are unable to attend lessons then I suggest that you purchase a copy of this book.  You won't regret it.

Even though we only have a month left of our posting here in Tel Aviv, I have no intention of giving this book away to Halper's Books my favourite second-hand bookshop which is located in 87 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv.  I am going to keep this book and I intend to continue to work through it even when I am no longer living in Israel.  I have worked so hard to learn how to read Hebrew and it is not a skill which I wish to neglect.  Some people solve puzzles and/or do Sudoku to keep their brain active, I prefer to try and perfect my existing skills in a given language, in this case Hebrew.  Who knows, it may come in handy one day?  Even if it doesn't, working through Edna Kadman's book will certainly help to keep my brain cells active.  Neurologists point out that in order to keep our brains agile we ought to continue to keep learning throughout our life and this will enable us to be equipped with better mental functioning well into old age.
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