27 July 2017

Halper's Books

I had already mentioned this noteworthy second-hand bookshop under the heading of useful information however, it is such an outstanding place that I felt it deserved a blog post in its own right. It is simply the best second-hand bookshop that I have ever been to and believe me I have traveled extensively around the world not to mention having lived as an expatriate in six countries.  The owner is an American called Yosef Halper who opened his bookshop in 1991.  His website claims that the bookshop has over 50,000 titles to choose from.  It is a real gem of a place, so neat and tidy and has such an inviting, calm atmosphere.  What astounded me on one of my previous visits was Mr Halper's extensive knowledge of the placement of the books in his shop.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, all you have to do is to ask the owner or one of his helpers where books by a certain author are kept and the person on duty will take you to the precise bookshelf and aisle where you are most likely to be able to find the book you are after that is, if there is a copy of it in the bookshop.  Amazingly, the books are in alphabetical order within each genre which is no mean feat when you consider that the bookshop is covered from floor to ceiling with books.  In the summer the bookshop is air-conditioned and is a fabulous place to seek some respite from the strong Tel Aviv sun and an opportunity to while away a couple of hours perusing the many bookshelves.  Do visit Halper's Books next time you are in Allenby Street, you will not be disappointed. 

Address: 87 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv
Telephone/Fax:   +972 (0)3-629-9710
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 - 19:30 and on Friday until 16:00 
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