16 June 2017

Read all about it ...

As many people who have been reading my blog know, I have been writing about life in Tel Aviv since we moved here in December 2014.  So it was refreshing to read a short write-up about Tel Aviv in the June 2017 edition of British Vogue magazine.  On page 158, under the sub-heading of 'Holidays for Art Lovers, by Yana Peel' the article says and I quote:

Tel Aviv has it all: museums, galleries and amazing street art.  I love the Centre for Contemporary Art at the bottom of the Shuk Ha'Carmel.  Tel Aviv Museum of Art has a breathtaking new wing.  Head to Rothschild Boulevard for the Sommer and Alon Segev galleries; and Dvir Gallery, in south Tel Aviv, where a very close-knit art community has its studios.  For craft lovers, the Jaffa galleries are a must, and Ilana Good Museum.  Try A La Rampa for a post-art supper. 
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