14 June 2017

How are you? x 5

The intricacies of the Hebrew language reveal themselves to me the longer I spend in this country.  I have discovered that there are at least 5 ways of asking someone the simple question of "how are you?".  However, a quick search on the internet has revealed 13 other expressions which vaguely mean the same thing besides the 5 featured below.  That is a total of 18 different ways, it is almost worthy of a Guinness Book of Records entry.  I am setting out the 5 ways which I am familiar with below.   As well, I am including the website which I found on the internet which appears to have 13 other expressions used to ask how someone is?  Although the heading of the article is, 10 Ways to Say Hello in Hebrew they also give ways to say what's up?, how are you?, what's going on?, how's everything?, yet another how's everything?, how is it going? and what's new?  I think you will agree with me, that's a lot ways to ask how are you?
מַה קּוֹרֶה Ma kore?
Translation - what's happening? what's going on?
מַה הָעִנְיָנִים Ma hainyenim? 
Translation - what's up? 

 מַה נִּשְׁמַע Ma nishma?
Translation - how are you doing? 
מַה שְּׁלוֹמְךָ Ma shlomkha? (to a male speaker),

 מַה שְּׁלוֹמֵךְ Ma shlomekh? (to a female speaker)
Translation -how are you?

The response in each case appears to be the same
  אני בסדר תודה ani beseder, toda
Translation - I'm fine, thank you 
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