3 June 2017

Exhibition: On the Edge - Israeli Paper

 I had been meaning to visit the Eretz Israel Museum in Ramat Aviv for a while now and I went recently and saw several fabulous exhibitions.  In particular there was an exhibition entitled, 'On the Edge - Israeli Paper'.  One would not think that an exhibition on paper could be so fascinating and captivating.  I thought it was a credit to the artistic ability of all those people who took part to show us the versatility of paper and how it can be adapted to form so many different functions.  Here are a selection of photographs from the exhibition.

Grid 128 by Ilan Garibi
Grid 128: The wall-piece presents a collection of paper models representing Garbi's trademark cyclic folding method.  This is a unique genre in the origami world, in which the model is built from a folding pattern that is duplicated over and over again with a single page , without cutting or gluing.

Confetti by ShiriCnaani
 Confetti: Delicate paper-screens float through the air in an installation that is made entirely of silk papers.  Cnaani treats the papers with techniques taken from the world of textile. 

Formless and void by Harel Ben-Nun and Tomer Ashkenazi
Formless and Void: The sculpture is constructed from two inverse dripstones, which are almost touching.  This interactive installation receives its final appearance with the intervention of the viewer.

Bilderberg Club by Lilac Madar
Bilderberg Club: The work is made only of stamps and explores them both in their content and form.  

Hidden Land by Dana Bloom
Hidden Land: An expansive area, sprawling beneath us, looks like a model of a forest or a city made of a plethora of towers.

Phantom Ships by Naama Oppenheim
Phantom Ships: The flight of ships in an imaginary space looks like a play of shadows or a celebration of kites in the sky.  The ship is a metaphor for the body, for a transitive home, and the journey of life, which wavers between strength and vulnerability.

Persian Rug by Lida Sharet Massad
Persian Rug:  The stylized model on the wall-piece follows a section of the pattern of the large, rich rug, which covered the guestroom floor of the artist's childhood home.

Eretz Israel Museum, established in 1953, has a large display of archaeological, anthropological and historical artifacts organized in a series of exhibition pavilions on its grounds. Each pavilion is dedicated to a different subject: glassware, ceramics, coins, copper and more.  The museum also has a planetarium.
Address:  Chaim Levanon Street 2, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 69975, Israel
Phone:  +972 3-641-5244
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