28 May 2017

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As our posting in Israel is entering its last three months, I have turned my attention to doing a thorough clearing out before the packers arrive at our apartment towards the end of August.  My aim is to either donate to charity or sell belongings that we no longer use or need.  This is a very good opportunity "to separate the wheat from the chaff".  A wonderful and apt English idiom which means that by way of elimination you decide what is worth keeping and what can be thrown or given away.  To this effect, I am providing some practical information here which may be of use to other expatriates living and/or working in Tel Aviv or even to local residents who would like to make sure that following a big clear out of their apartment or house that the items which are worthy of being given away or sold can be directed to the proper place.


Halper's Books is a delightful business tucked away in Allenby Street.  The owner has thousands of books neatly stacked in shelves meticulously divided into genres such as fiction, non-fiction, history and so on.  Halper's Books as the business card  says is a place to buy and sell quality used (second-hand) books.  It is the kind of shop where one could easily while away the time and come out with not one but several books.

You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend. –Paul Sweeney

Halper's Books: 87 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv - Yafo, Israel 65134
Telephone: +972 03-629-9710

Once a month ADERET in Bograshov Street organises a day where people can bring their items of second-hand clothing in good condition to sell directly to the owners of the shop.  The owners then have the items of clothing dry cleaned and they also have the other items such as shoes polished and cleaned before displaying the items in their shop.  Whilst there are many other second-hand clothing shops in Tel Aviv, this is the one that I know and have used in the past.

ADERET, 53 Bograshov Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

These recycling bins are dotted around the city as a place to dispose of second-hand clothing.  These metal receptacles are provided by a company called Rosnir רוזניר  You may like to read a blog post I wrote back in February about this initiative.

Here is their address:
36 Derech Salame Street, Tel-Aviv | Tel: 972-36821662 or 972-36833553 | Fax: 972-36823685 |

JANGLO website  - this is a suitable place to advertise and sell unwanted household goods or in fact pretty much anything you wish to sell including cars in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Raanana/ Sharon, North and the Negev.
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