25 May 2017

The Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival

This fabulous event has actually just finished.  Apologies, I am running behind with my blog posts.  Despite that, I still wanted to write about it in order to make people aware so that the lucky people who will have the good fortune to be in Tel Aviv in May 2018 will keep a look out for this International Documentary Film Festival and go to it if they can. 

A weighty tome of a guide was published in Hebrew and in English providing a summary and the showing times of every single film in the festival as well as the many different categories of film such as; Israeli Competition, International Competition, Depth of Field Competition, Student Competition, NEXT! Award courtesy of the Ministry of Culture and Sport The Israeli Film Council, the Audience Award courtesy of Yes Docu not to mention details about the different genres of films in the festival such as Masters, Art, Music, True Crime, Panorama, Shorts and VR.

My husband and I went to a really interesting, well made film in the Art genre about an Israeli/British artist, designer and architect called Ron Arad.  The film which was 45 minutes in duration was called "RON ARAD - NOT WITHOUT WHITE GLOVES" was of Ron Arad's fascination with mechanically crushing the old Fiat 500's, "trying to immortalize old cars on museum walls".  Towards the end of the documentary it was a relief to me when Ron Arad finally explained why he was undertaking such a mammoth task.  I will not give away the crucial reason as to why he was so focused on his exhibition.  Instead, I urge people to try and see this excellent documentary if they can.

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